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About Us

Why We Do What We Do

SOUNDS FROM HELL records has always had one major goal: to provide musicians with the opportunity to record, produce, and share their unique and wonderful sounds with the masses. We’ve collaborated with some incredibly talented recording artists, and are always in search of up-and-coming musicians looking to make a name for themselves. If you too have always dreamed of having your music heard, contact us to schedule a recording session.

Our Studio

Our Story

SOUNDS FROM HELL records It started with the clear mission to be an important actor in the professional development of bands of different musical styles such as Rock, Hardcore and Metal.
As our founder has been a musician since he was a teenager and was involved in many musical projects in his native country (Chile, South America) such as; 6 Weapons, Hatelife, Vertebra, Venganza, Raza Loca, Sicario Beatdown among others, he understands what are the real needs of the bands from the beginning until the moment when the musical development acquires a more professional level.

All of our staff are highly skilled and professional musicians with the ability to understand in depth the needs of the artists that work with us, this is why in our studio the bands will achieve all their goals, exceeding any expectations.

Meet The Team

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