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Deathcore, Germany

... It´s time for a rising chapter

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A Rising Chapter was founded in 2022. The goal from the beginning was to stand out from the from the flood of brutal metal bands and to create a special mix of brutal deathcore deathcore with catchy and partly harmonic melodies.
All members of the band have been known for a long time in the regional and partly national metal scene and have some live and studio experience.


A Rising Chapter distinguish themselves above all by their performance and offer through their full engagement on stage and an intensive sound wall of live sample tracks a special experience. The recording and mixing is done by their drummer, main songwriter and recording guitarist.
The style of the band is hard to describe and cannot be pigeonholed. be pigeonholed. The unmistakable sound unites elements from the genres from the genres Deathcore, Metalcore, Hardcore & Deathmetal.


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