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Music production, digital distribution and more...

As a music production and promotion agency we have focused on music production and digital distribution of artists of different styles. Our artists come from different parts of the globe to achieve quality sound and greater positioning with us. 

Our mission is to ensure that underground music styles can be maintained over time.

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At Sounds From Hell records, we guarantee that your music will be treated as it deserves.


With our experience in all kinds of musical talent we believe that the work speaks for itself. It talks about who we are, our methods and the artists that we proudly represent. But instead of telling it, we show it to you.

See here examples of how our services can give your music career the boost it needs.

SFH Metal Night

SFH Metal Night

Am 27.4 im Der Cult Nürnberg
Presale 16 Euro
Abend Kasse 19 Euro
Doors 19.00 Beginn 19.45



-Coexist (Metal, Schwabach)

-Grief of destruction (Metal, Nürnberg)

-Intendet Execution (Death Metal, Weiden i.d.Opf.) 

-Hurakan (Brutal Deathcore, Frankreich, Paris)

War Is War - Kingdom of Bones COVER ART.jpg

We loved working on this project. It gave us the opportunity to do something new and innovative, which required a personalized approach to highlight the unique sound of this project.

The single KINGDOM OF BONES is the lastest single of an album that has a lot of power.

Find them on more than 150 streaming services around the world.


Coexist is currently working in our studio in Nuremberg recording their first EP with our engineer..
First face of recording is done and now comes mix and mastering which we are sure is gonna shows great results.

Coexist is a German band that knows very well how to mix rock with good touch of metal.

Follow them on their social networks and soon on Spotify, Apple music and much more.